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Theme creation guide written (and merry christmas!)

Thanks to a splendid user here at neno-art.org we now have a splendid guide on how to create new splendid themes for our splendid neno phones.
We could say that the guide is in beta stage, somewhere around version 0.8, but we need your help to make it better - to reach version 1.0. So please read it, use it, give us feedback on what is good and what could be improved or explained in a better way. The guide is written for you, so if you ...


Posted by elsebasbe 24 Dec 2010 | 2 comments

Help requested: write a theme creation guide

neno-art.org is a nice place for all the neonode theme creators to upload and spread their creations for others to use. That's awesome. But there are alot more people out there that lacks the knowledge on how to make these fantastic themes. That means we are all missing out on the themes they could have created. That's not awesome at all.
Every now and then I get mails from users asking how to create new themes. The same question is sometimes asked using the comments feature. That proves that it's about ...


Posted by elsebasbe 02 Sep 2010 | 2 comments

Now not only on the phone

Now you can change style here at neno-art.org too. Go to your settings page to choose the style that matches you the best. Not as many themes avalible as for your neonode, but still.

I've have made several changes that should make the site work better for those using Internet Explorer 7. You people that use that browser: does everything work as expected? Please scream if it doesn't - I wouldn't know 'cos I don't use it.

I always tend to edit, update and tweak current code base. All ...


Posted by elsebasbe 18 Feb 2009 | 8 comments

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